FT business ranking : Data interpretation from stats available for Bschools

Hi @Arun /CV Team, I am working listing  best school i can crack as well as  afford the same time + alot of my personal parameters + getting picture which is closer to reality not just the fancy number. My question:

  1.  How to interpret weighted salary  / Salary today field ?
  2. There are many collage which have multiple MBA programs.  Then how can we come to above figure

a. with all courses  included (MBA + Executive MBA + Sr. Executive courses + Family Business etc) or b. Specific  course which takes gmat /GRE/ scores This impact the stat in question 1 drastically. 3. Regarding Schools in UK ( LBS , Judge, etc) : Is there any way we  identify how the placement  panned out. I mean i am no entrepreneur and expect a job post mba but with change in political dynamics i need to understand the placement procedure and how long after collage we can work on the job prospects.   http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/global-mba-ranking-2017

Am i asking this question at right place ?

on July 29, 2017.
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You have asked it at the right place 🙂

#1) Is there any correct way to interpret this mumbo-jumbo about statistics?


Here is the deal: All of this data is very confusing especially if you consider that Indian salaries. So my recommendation is not to read too much into it.

#2) Should I believe FT Rankings?

No – they are crap IMO. Pick either of these:



#3) How do I figure out my chances of being placed in the geography post-MBA?

Firstly remember that as an international student your fate is very different. So you have 2 things to consider:

a) The local work permit issues. Best is to independently research for each geography.

b) How your industry processes visas. Tech is known to be more favorable – FMCG less favorable so that is another factor you need to consider.

The best is to connect with a second-year student OR a recent alum and ask them for their opinion.


Expert Answered on August 1, 2017.

Hi Arun,

Thank you for confirming and for the explanation.

Regarding ranking :  Is there a similar list for global B-school. The list is comprise  are US Schools and I am also looking for comparison of US B school  with rest of the world to refer while doing my analysis.

I am planning to give a shot for One year MBA with focusing on 4-5 b-school (2  in Asia, 2-3 in Europe and 1 in NAM region to start with ) in my first attempt (Probably cut down one or two if not prepared well for these) . And based on outcome of above will plan next for step ( US B-school) as things will be alot clearer and have little better poised for  the decision .


BTW, Thank you for your video series and / class room discussion and other blog which i am going though and all those are really really helpful.But Now I am stuck with the in getting details of POST MBA  profile of students from similar background or experience but some rough sketches made. A pointer on this will be helpful.

Same raw data for you to understand  how /what am i analyzing:

I have  Experience (10 yrs+IT  ), was  looking for B-school (ISB) alumni for similar work-ex prior to MBA or similar range of experience give me some guidance to plan map my post MBA Goal with school’s outbound results.


Most of the profiles for ISB (Pre MBA) ~5-6 yrs exp. and for most of them (IT or non IT) Post MBA profile seems to be from lower level or Consulting  .

I check the collage profile and found they have gradually increasing in number of candidate joining with Ex greater than 10 yrs. and about 73 in 2016 . so It come out to be around 300 -350 odd graduates with 10+ yrs of ex in last 7-8 yrs  and removing IPS/Sport person / Other outstanding awesome guys .. I have close to 250-280  profile to search for.  (Calculation Executive club member in brochure  and  deduction based on some data come  ).

I am not able to find these profiles in linked in. Is there any suggestion you have me to figure out. I believe knowing what school have to offer will be handy in writing and discussing  Essay 1 i.e Post Mba goals.

So i am working in parallel to to set a relative experience in batches of 3 yrs <4-7>, 7+  and putting data and profile in table just after collage and latest on the profile. But again some doubt as the GM profile are very limited and the one i am found reach there by hopping around.  Execpt one company which hires for  GM roles directly from collage. But there are so many GM which confuses me just like alot of recent IT job posting have combination like  Sr VP + Sr Developer Roles.








on August 1, 2017.
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