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Hi guys,

I gave my GMAT on the 13/10/17 at the Mysore center. I am putting out this review so that you guys don’t make the same mistake.

When i reached the center, i was told at the reception by a lady that there is some issue with the system and i will have to reschedule my exam. I was told that it just happened like an hour ago so they couldn’t inform me yesterday and i can wait and see if it might start again sometime.  So i waited for approximately an hour and by around 2:20 (appointment time 2:00) i was told that the system is working and i can take the exam. I went to  the library where the exam is conducted. The guy at the center kept telling me not to take breaks as the system might stop anytime. He told me to shorten the break period as much as possible otherwise if the system stops, i will have to reschedule it again. Just to add he didn’t stop me from taking breaks, he just kept telling me to shorten the time as much as possible.

I started my exam, finished quant first, took a 3 minute break and then started with verbal.  In the middle of the verbal section the computer just stopped responding, but the time didn’t stop, i wasted around 30 to 45 seconds trying to get it work but as it didnt  respond the guy over there just stopped the gmat application. Then told me again that i will now have to reschedule since it might not work now. It took another 3 minutes to start the application again ( Fortunately, time was paused at this time). While he was trying to start the application, i asked what is this issue and since how long it has been happening. He told me this happens mostly with afternoon exams. Morning exams work fine. So then i was lied to before when they told me it happened just an hour ago. This apparently has been an issue for some time now. Anyways i let it go and started again with where i left off in the verbal section and from then on there were no more issues.

I just think it’s better to wait out for the slot to open at the bangalore center rather than to go for the Mysore center.

Intermediate Asked on October 15, 2017 in GMAT Experience.
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Hi Nirvan,

We are sorry to hear about your GMAT experience at Mysore better.

We can understand your pain because every second in exams like GMAT is very crucial.

We appreciate your effort for writing this post and this will definitely help students who is looking Mysore centre as an option.

May I suggest you report this issue in the GMAC official website. So that they fix this issue.

Thanks once again.

Expert Answered on October 17, 2017.
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