Kind of score vs work experience

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Hi Arnab,

I think with 20years experience more than the GMAT it would be WHY you want to do an MBA at this point in your life. 2 specific questions:
1) They would want to know about your employability option i.e. would you get a job that you want? 
2) You may have a lot to contribute but would you be able to take away enough from the program? 
But yes a GMAT score is important for them to know that you would be able to handle the academic rigors of a 1-year program such as ISB so always good to aim for a 7X0 score 🙂
Expert Answered on March 13, 2015.
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I wanted to know that with 20 years of work experience and aiming for a good b school like ISB, what would be a decent GMAT score that can get me through.

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Dear Arun,

The answer to the two very relevant questions are that i am planning a combination of lateral and vertical shift from my present job. Lateral in terms of the field and vertical in terms of pay package. Secondly, i consider that doing an MBA from a reputed B-school would only broaden my horizon in terms of knowledge and functioning of the corporate world. I understand that my years of work experience is very valuable, but at times it is good to get a bit of theoretical knowledge and apply it on ground which would benefit the individual as well as the organization he / she is working in. 

And yes, i am also targeting for a 700+.


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I am very happy that your thought process is very clear.

Try to get as high a GMAT score as possible 🙂
Expert Answered on March 25, 2015.
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