Need Explanation for a Qn from Application Video: Descriptive Statistics

A set of 25 different integers has a median of 30 and a range of 50.What is the least possible integer that could be in this set?

A) -8

B) -7

C) 0

D) 8

E) Cannot be determined.


The answer given is A.In the explanation provided in the video by Crackverbal, it is said that as the range is 50 and the median is 30,then for this set of 25 different integers the maximum value should be 42.(i.e 30+12).So the min value is 42-50=-8.

But my query is how we can assume that the set contains consecutive integers as no such data is provided in the question.Please explain.

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Consider this –

The 13th element in the set of 25 different numbers is 30. The range is 50.

For the least possible 1st element, the value of the 25th element has to be the least as well. Remember the range is 50.

Since all the numbers in the set are different, the lowest 25th element possible will be 42. If we don’t consider consecutive numbers then we won’t be able to find the least possible integer in the set. Hope this helps, respond back if you still have any question.

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