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The following appeared in a print advertisement for a dietary supplement: “According to a recent study, professional bodybuilders who used Train & Gain, a new protein supplement, over the course of three months experienced an increase in measured strength of up to 20%. Since Train & Gain is now available without prescription at all major pharmacies, superior results are no longer limited to professional athletes. Try Train & Gain today and you too can boost your strength and achieve professional-level performance in just a few months.” Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument. Point out flaws in the argument’s logic and analyze the argument’s underlying assumptions. In addition, evaluate how supporting evidence is used and what evidence might counter the argument’s conclusion. You may also discuss what additional evidence could be used to strengthen the argument or what changes would make the argument more logically sound.
A print advertisement states that a food supplement called Train & Gain increased strength of professional athletes up to 20%. Since, the protein supplement is available at all major pharmacies, everyone can make use of this product to boost personal strength. However, the author fails to substantiate this conclusion without any evidence and provides a hazy correlation.

The author assumes that impact of the protein supplement will be the same for any common man and that for any professional bodybuilder. It has also been assumed that the product is safe and does not contain any other side effects that can deteriorate a person’s professional-level performance.

This advertisement fails to generate a firm conclusion since it is based on weak facts. First, just because a product has proved to be effective for bodybuilders does not mean that it will be equally effective for other common people. Bodybuilders follow different routine and have a dietary intake that is far different from the general public. They also use a variety of techniques alongside the food supplements that help them achieve the muscular strength. It may also be the case that the bodybuilding exercises were the major factor behind the increase in strength and the product Train & Gain only assisted the exercises. In that case, the effectiveness of the product will fail for a normal person, who does not exercise significantly.

Secondly, it has been stated that the product is now available without the prescription. But, it is not enunciated whether there are any side effects from using this product. Although bodybuilders have used it and achieved a hike in their performance, a normal person may have health parameters that might not be suitable for using Train & Gain. It is essential to consider all the effects of this product and then study the feasibility with existing diseases.

Hence, this advertisement can be made stronger by firmly depicting any potential side effects of the product. Additionally, if a study is performed on individuals who took this product without carrying out significant exercise simultaneously, then there can be a better understanding of the product’s performance. Introduction of these evidences can affirm the author’s conclusion and can validate the argument.

This AWA was written in one of the MGMAT CATs.

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