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The question asks you to “resolve” a problem.

Cost of washed field spinach (X) and Cost of hydroponic spinach (Y). The questions says Y = 4*X so it won’t sell. 
C -> Even if it were 5*X it will still sell because of some unique quality. So this takes price out of the equation!!  Remember the question asks  you which option “supports the projection”. It is a projection all the same. No guarantee if will work at such a price-point. Don’t get into the “feasibility”. Just ask yourself if its logical.
D -> The expensive product that no one will buy in Chicago is now available everywhere. How does it matter? Because people still won’t buy something that is expensive! An analogy is “Goondaraj was a badly made movie released in India. Now it is going to be released world-wide so it will definitely do better”. 🙂
I mean I don’t understand what you meant by “how to tackle such type of questions?”. This is a CLASSIC GMAT question which requires you to use logic.
Expert Answered on August 3, 2012.
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I have a doubt in the following question, which is Q23 from Gmat Verbal Review:

Near Chicago a newly built hydroponic spinach “factory,” a completely controlled environment for growing spinach, produces on 1 acre of floor space what it takes 100 acres of fields to produce. Expenses, especially for electricity, are high, however, and the spinach produced costs about four times as much as washed California field spinach, the spinach commonly sold throughout the United States.

Which of the following, if true, best supports the projection that the spinach-growing facility near Chicago will be profitable?

(A) Once the operators of the facility are experienced, they will be able to cut operating expenses by about 25 percent.
(B) There is virtually no scope for any further reduction in the cost per pound for California field spinach.
(C) Unlike washed field spinach, the hydropoincally grown spinach is untainted by any pesticides or herbicides and thus will sell at exceptionally high prices to such customers as health food restaurants.
(D) Since spinach is a crop that ships relatively well, the market for the hydroponically grown spinach is no more limited to the Chicago area than the market for California field spinach is to California.
(E) A second hydroponic facility is being built in Canada, taking advantage of inexpensive electricity and high vegetable prices.


I drilled down to 2 options as ‘C’ or ‘D’. I ticked ‘D’ and found it to be incorrect answer.
But, after re-analyzing I found why ‘D’ is incorrect but In my opinion even ‘C’ is not correct.
Because, whether the revenues generated by exceptional pricing can fill the gap between the price of hydroponic spinach and field spinach price, is not clear.
Once I made up by my mind with this reasoning, I never came back to option ‘C’

how to tackle such type of questions?




Default Answered on July 31, 2012.
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