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Although people in France consume fatty foods at a rate comparable to the United States,
their death rates from heart disease are far lower in France.


A. people in France and the United States consume fatty foods at about the same rate, the

B. the rate of people consuming fatty foods is about the same in France and the United
States, the


Why cannot B be right, instead of A? In A, it seems the phrase is talking about how fast people can eat

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Hi Debarpit,

Option B – talks about rate of people…. Not the rate of death….. How we can define a rate of people… Sounds absurd.

Also, framing the sentence gives incorrect use of although. Although rate of people consuming , Although should be followed by subject and a verb.

Correct usage of -ing form of verb can be Despite consuming or In spite of consuming.

Option A –

Talks about consumption rate of fatty foods. Not the rate of people consuming as in Option B.

Although people in France and the United States consume

people in France and the United States – Subject

consume – verb


Hope this may help you !!!



Intermediate Answered on May 27, 2018.
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Good explanation Aditya!

Please feel free to write back in case of further queries Debarpit

Expert Answered on May 29, 2018.
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