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I am looking for some advice for 5 colleges as mentioned below for Masters of science program in finance/Investment Management. I have received admission calls from following 5 colleges. Though I am writing GMAT again  by the end of this month yet I would like to keep my current admissions sorted and to choose one among them in case.
Kindly Suggest-
1.University of Texas at Dallas( Naveen Jindal School of Management)(Master of Science in Finance).
2. Temple University( Fox school of Business) (Master of science in Investment management).
3.Seattle University(Albers School of Business and Economics)(MSF)
4. Texas Tech University(Rawls College of Business)(MSF)
5. University of Houston(Bauers School of management)(MSF).
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Hello Surbhi,

Since there is very less information about your background (work experience / expertise ) I am giving you a generic advice. 
1. Right now Job market in US is good for MS Electrical or Computer Engineering, If you are planning to do your Masters in Finance/Investment Management make sure you do it in a Tire 1 / 2 universities. 
2. Location Matters a lot :  Target places like Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle, California – SFO – Hub for top financial companies.
3. Seattle University , UTD  are good – prime location.
4. Just curious : why MS finance  and not MBA finance ?


Default Answered on May 4, 2016.
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What’s your gmat score 

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